Sun, moon and Earth

1.The inside of the Sun is called the core.

2.The moon's gravity pulls on Earth's oceans, that's what creates tides.

3.When the moon is bigger than a half moon it's called a giddous.

4.The sun is about 93,000,000 miles from Earth.

5.The outside of the Sun is called the surface.

6.Heat from the core travels outside of the Sun.

7.On the moon there's a famous crator callled copernacus.

8.There are mountains on the moon.

9.The Sun reflects light to the moon wich creats night time and day time.

10.The Earth is the only planet in our Solar Systm with the right envirement to suport life.

11.The moon is Earth's natural satellite.

12.Light energy is a form of that is the sorce of illumination.

13.We always see the same side of the moon.

sam_0615.jpg - Sunset at Hudson's
sam_0615.jpg - Sunset at Hudson's
lunareclipse0900pma.jpg - The Lunar Eclipse
lunareclipse0900pma.jpg - The Lunar Eclipse
earth_from_space.jpg - Earth from Space
earth_from_space.jpg - Earth from Space

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Look at the lunareclipse!!! (Middle)

Dickey, Sara.sam_0615.jpg. June 2011. Pics4Learning. 13 Mar 2013

Look at the sunset!!! (Top)

(NASA-GSFC), NASA. earth_from_space.jpg. 11.07.2002. Pics4Learning. 11 Mar 2013 <http://pics.tech4learning

Look at the Earth and moon from space!!! (Above)